Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tattered Map

My nails were painted black and my mom smacked me,
told me to "take that shit off."
I looked up and said "no ma."
It's endless.  The black is a void
where all things 

go further.
I keep believing that this life is more.
That it's the breath beneath the track marks
and eyes blood shot
straight through the sky.
A chest full of secrets blown
through cracked lips.
And I swear, it was beautiful.
Like the first time we mainlined,
streamlined under falling stars.
You caught one and pressed it
deep into my cheek.
Told me that you always follow the stars

I stopped believing in dreams,
started believing in light.
Light in my veins, filled with truth. 
Tearing at the surface, purity
from the inside out.
To fall out of dreams…
four streetlights burned out, three
flights to climb, two steps to the ledge,

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