Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For You

I heard it said in a movie once, "I love everything about you that hurts."  I didn't think it were possible to love something that was hurting inside another, unless of course you were Hitler or that bully from middle school.  Yet, I still found the words beautiful and moving.  That was, until I met you.  There was truth in those seven little words.  32 letters and there was a truth weaved between them all.  Hidden in the empty spaces, there was a naked, vulnerable truth.  And you.

You laid with your head in my lap telling me of your fears and of your reality.  A reality that I didn't know existed until it spilled from your lips.  And it lived in the creases of your forehead when you tried to hide your hurt.  I wanted to hold you forever and whisper in your ear, "I'll fix you."  But I didn't.  You just laid there, one of my hands on your stomach, and the other clasped with yours.  A tear rolled from your eye, down your cheek and I leaned down, kissed it and stopped it dead in its tracks.  With that one kiss, I could taste every bit of hurt that you were holding inside.  And I found why those seven words were beautiful and full of truth.  Instead of telling you that I'd fix you, I quoted the movie and said "I love everything about you that hurts."  Because what made you hurt was what made you beautiful and strong.  And that is what I love.

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