Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Want a Pony

Christmas just passed so I figured I'd share this poem I wrote entitled "I Want a Pony."  Enjoy.

There were no Christmas presents bought that year.
No neatly wrapped boxes in rows for me.
Our money tree was chopped down by that man.
His face froze, races gone bad at the tracks.
“Oh God, what have I done?” Finding his knees,
he prays, but not even the crows care now.
I should’ve clung to you and cried that day
but all your lying throws me far from you.

You already lost one daughter and now
you lost another…my hatred still grows.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tattered Map

My nails were painted black and my mom smacked me,
told me to "take that shit off."
I looked up and said "no ma."
It's endless.  The black is a void
where all things 

go further.
I keep believing that this life is more.
That it's the breath beneath the track marks
and eyes blood shot
straight through the sky.
A chest full of secrets blown
through cracked lips.
And I swear, it was beautiful.
Like the first time we mainlined,
streamlined under falling stars.
You caught one and pressed it
deep into my cheek.
Told me that you always follow the stars

I stopped believing in dreams,
started believing in light.
Light in my veins, filled with truth. 
Tearing at the surface, purity
from the inside out.
To fall out of dreams…
four streetlights burned out, three
flights to climb, two steps to the ledge,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

For You

I heard it said in a movie once, "I love everything about you that hurts."  I didn't think it were possible to love something that was hurting inside another, unless of course you were Hitler or that bully from middle school.  Yet, I still found the words beautiful and moving.  That was, until I met you.  There was truth in those seven little words.  32 letters and there was a truth weaved between them all.  Hidden in the empty spaces, there was a naked, vulnerable truth.  And you.

You laid with your head in my lap telling me of your fears and of your reality.  A reality that I didn't know existed until it spilled from your lips.  And it lived in the creases of your forehead when you tried to hide your hurt.  I wanted to hold you forever and whisper in your ear, "I'll fix you."  But I didn't.  You just laid there, one of my hands on your stomach, and the other clasped with yours.  A tear rolled from your eye, down your cheek and I leaned down, kissed it and stopped it dead in its tracks.  With that one kiss, I could taste every bit of hurt that you were holding inside.  And I found why those seven words were beautiful and full of truth.  Instead of telling you that I'd fix you, I quoted the movie and said "I love everything about you that hurts."  Because what made you hurt was what made you beautiful and strong.  And that is what I love.